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Toledo, OH

Looks like another speed upgrade.

Well within the last day or 2 been getting a little over 5mbit on the 4meg package.

Guess an extra 100k/sec don't hurt for free,keep it up buckeye.

Any other packages get a upgrade?


I have the 12Mbps package and for the last couple of days I was getting 18 - 20Mbps. I hope this wasn't a mistake!


Holland, OH
reply to Darkjeste
Here also, I have the 10Mbps average around 15.5 down. Rather nice increase


reply to Darkjeste
My 20 has been increased to 25. But lately I've been having issues where it drops to like 2-3Mbps. I've had three technicians look at it and they can't tell me what is wrong. What is odd is that the exact same thing is happening at my work, which also uses Buckeye. Upload speeds are fine, but download speeds are severely limited. Every now and again we get full speeds lasting for a few moments, but then it drops back down for like the next hour.

Even more odd is that the modem is showing pulling down 8Mbps of data constantly, even when it is completely disconnected from any systems/routers. I even replaced the modem with a new one from buckeye and it is doing the exact same thing.

I am hoping this is just a side effect of them doing their upgrades to the hardware in the Maumee/Perrysburg hub, and it will be over soon. Not having reliable internet at home AND at work is killing me, and my productivity as a web developer.

reply to Darkjeste
I am loving my upgrade from 50Mbps to 60Mbps. Had to use speedtest.net to get an accurate speedtest since bex.net is not up to date yet.

»www.speedtest.net/result/1801193 ··· 3404.png

Too bad I cannot afford the 110Mbps package unless I dump digital cable tv...