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Mississauga, ON

[Scam] My experience with Free TV Canada (scam spam)

Hello there, new member here from Bala, Ontario.

I'd like to share my experiences with an online dealer of so-called Free Television. It's a little lengthy but I don't want anyone to be ripped off. This idiot needs to be shut down.

Earlier in January 2012 I was looking for some alternatives to television, something cheaper than cable or dish. I found myself looking through Kijiji ads and stumbled upon an ad offering free TV over the internet. Really?

I visited the website and found it to be a reputable site, given that it was a Google Blog :razz:

I sent a single e-mail to the creator of the Kijiji ad asking a couple of questions, mainly how many channels were offered and was it a scam.

The reply back was in broken English and assured me that their service was not a scam. This supposedly free television was all mine for a small fee of $49.95.

Not being one to easily part with my money, I did some Googling for reviews. The reviews were of course, awesome!!!



[url]»[Scam] neighbour of mine plans on....

As it turns out, you can find all of these supposed free channels FREE online. There is no need to shell out $49.95 to some anonymous person hiding behind a Hotmail account.

From speaking to a dissatisfied customer of Free TV Canada, I was able to obtain the software link for this 'company' and found it to be as I'd expected - disappointing. After one does pay and downloads the software, they include the following disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: This package is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Fees are donation for time, knowledge, information and research of this new media technology. please check if streaming tv/media is legal in your area. NO CHANNELS ARE GUARANTEED. channels may go on and off air at anytime. Streams come from all over the world and are not guarenteed. quality is not guarenteed. this is not a replacement for cable, satellite or any other type of media. updates, bug fixes, and patches are the responsibility of program makers.

The software was installed and I was asked if I'd like to update the channel list to the most current... sure! The result was approximately 300 channels. Of those 300 channels, almost 80% were non-English. Of the channels that I did try, they resulted in error messages pertaining to video streams not available or the server not responding (as per the disclaimer of course )

Out of almost 300 stations I could only get a dozen Engllish ones to work which was great since I enjoy watching weather channels from across the United States lol.

The remaining 280 stations were a glorious fail....

[U]The Black Channel (24 hour no pic, no sound station)[/U]

[U]The Server Channel (for avid viewers of 24 hour non-stop error messages )[/U]

Sarcasm aside, this is by far the poorest television experience ever. If you want to pay someone $50 for "researching" this new media, by all means do so... but you've been warned.

Now I also mentioned harassment... back in December of 2011 I sent a SINGLE message in responce the Kijiji advertisement. Since that time I have received three spams from this person - identical ads to the Kijiji ad offering their services. As far as I am aware, making ONE inquiry to an on-line classifieds website does not constitute acceptance of being placed on an e-mail list.

After the third message, I wrote the person back and politely asked to be removed from the list. I received a fourth message on January 13, 2012. Having had enough of this crap, I sent out a message to Google Blogspot (abuse department), Bell Sympatico abuse and carbon copied Free TV Canada.

[U]Message to Service Providers[/U]

(sorry for the spelling errors in the e-mail, it's too late to fix them now)

The message was created from a disposable e-mail account - in other words I created the account solely for the purpose of contacting Google, Sympatico and Free TV Canada. These were the only parties that had this e-mail address.

Within the hour I immediately began to receive 20-30 automated registrations for mailing lists. You know things like recipies, horoscopes, etc. delivered to your inbox. Unfortunately for the person behind this, you must respond to these ads to officially add your email address (as they are prone to abuse). Keep in mind that only FreeTVCanada knew this e-mail address.

[U]Here is a list of some of the spam....[/U]

also from Junk Folder...

Notice the times of the messages, just 60 seconds after the spams I received a message from this guy:

And finally here is the plaintext content of one of the many attempts:
Hello! This is an email confirming that you subscribed to MarkMinasi's tech newsletter. You were subscribed at 2/13/2012 10:44:17 PM froma machine at IP address -- if that was in error, pleaseplease visit our unsubscribe page at [url]www.minasi.com/1cunsub.asp?uid=XXXXXXXX@hotmail.ca[/url] Welcome, and if you'd like to see our old newsletters, just visit theNewsletter table of contents at [url]www.minasi.com/nwstoc.htm[/url]. Thanks again. --Mark Minasi help@minasi.com

Image that, the same IP address was used to send the messages from Free TV Canada.

Thanks for taking the time to read my caution. If you want to purchase software to give you 20 non-English channels, with a supposed 1-year money back guarantee, only to find a disclaimer in the software stating that all sales are final, payable to someone using a Hotmail Live account and using Google Blogs to advertise... by all means go ahead.

Since the disclaimer states that the fees are for "time, knowledge and research" and not the actual software, given that the software is all FREELY available to begin with, I am willing to spend my "time, knowledge and research" to GIVE YOU the software used, for no cost at all. I don't feel that someone who sends unsolicitated messages, e-bombs people who rightfully want to be taken off mailing lists and offers garbage services should be receiving money for it.

p.s. Responding to an ad does not call for a "followup" message every month. It's called the Can Spam Act for a reason.

Feel free to private message me for any additional details - or - for the software which I will gladly give you at no cost.

Merrickville, ON
The IP you mentioned is Bell Sympatico. You may want to send Bell's abuse department details.


Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
reply to ronwhite
I wouldn't give that software to anyone. Likely spyware. Just saying.

There are ways to get TV...but still, Cable is best. Most TV stations *do* have on-demand, as do some cable provider (over the internet) and if you unblock yourself, you can also get the American channels.
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Kailua, HI
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reply to ronwhite
said by ronwhite:

Not being one to easily part with my money, I did some Googling for reviews. The reviews were of course, awesome!!!
[url]»[Scam] neighbour of mine plans on...

hmm, did you view the links you supplied?
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Mississauga, ON
reply to ronwhite

Re: [Scam] My experience with Free TV Canada (scam spam)

Here is the software, passed antivirus scan but feel free to run it through your own

You do get some channels but nothing to justify paying some other guy $50 for.