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San Francisco, CA

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Need help with call clarity over voip.ms

I have an LG Optimus T (T-mobile) that I prefer to use over WiFi rather than as a Pay as you go phone. I call most frequently from home where I have basic DSL service 784k down and 384k up. The fastest available in my neighborhood is 1.5M/384k. Since I think the bottlneck is the 384k up, I haven't switched. I live in San Francisco and pings to the Los Angeles server run about 43ms either from home or from Wifi at work. The other possible bottleneck is the 400MHz processor in the LG Optimus. Voip.ms is the third provider I have tried and I think general quality is the best of the 3. I also have a PAP2T for the home phone system and that is usually better quality, but I still get complaints of echo and "breaking up". At times incoming audio also breaks up.

On the cell phone I have used 3cx, CSIPsimple and SipDroid. I liked 3cx, but it does not recognize the proximity sensor on my phone (screen does not go off and I terminate calls sometimes when the phone touches my face). SipDroid suffered from one way calling or failing to connect. I am currently using CSIPsimple amd have checked echo cancellation and am using a narrow band CODEC. Any suggestions to improve the call quality? On other public WiFi networks, the call quality is better, but still poorer than my carrier over GSM. Since WiFi is faster than GSM, I am puzzled.