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Bay Area

[Cable] High Ping

Hi everyone,

For the past few days, my ping has been quite high (as high as 212ms) and I'm not sure what's going on. Pardon my ignorance about networking.

1. »/tweakr/block: ··· a=normal

2. The fastest of the 3 speed tests from this page. See FAQ on copying test results if necessary. You might also run a test from the Speakeasy or Speedtest.net site as well. Please note this for us. Post your results and the location you used.

3. »/pingtest/3ba3 ··· /2879509

4. Charter Cable

7. Windows 7

8. 20Mbps/1Mbps

9. Plugged into router

10. Airport Extreme 1st Generation

Irish Shark
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• The high latency is at your hop.

• Do you have a MODEM that shows you your signals? If yes, post what you see here.

• Pull the router and connect directly to the MODEM. Reboot the MODEM after pulling the router.Then run the ping test again.

• How many splitters do you have between the MODEM and the drop at your hop?

• Are you connected wireless or wired to the router?

Let's start with that and let's see what we got.
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