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Little Rock, AR

[DVR] Which AMP to use

I think it's about time to add an amp to my house wiring for my digital cable signal levels. It's been kinda iffy for a while now. I had to replace the RG-6 to my cable modem and it is fine now however the other TV's in the house are suffering.

What I have now is a 3-way at the drop outside the house. The 3.5 tap is homelined to the cable modem. The two 7 db taps run to a downstairs tv and the other one runs upstairs to another 3-way which runs into three bedrooms. The upstairs was initially installed using the easy way but longer line run.

What I want to do is run a single line to a central room in the house where I will install the amp and from there feed to upstairs and downstairs tv(s).

So what amp should I purchase for this? I will probably leave the 3-way in the attic but it does need a power boost. So a 2 output amp is probably all this is required...at this time.

I'm looking at a website, cableTVamps.com, for some ideas.

Schaumburg, IL



Saratoga, CA

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Why not let Comcast install the amp? They usually don't charge much more than you are going to pay to buy one. Just installing an amp with our knowing the signal levels for both forward and return is not a good idea. You need the proper equipment to do this. Most DIY amp installs cause more problems instead of fixing them.


Lincroft, NJ

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said by andyross:


Is this the Moto amp you're recommending? - »www.amazon.com/Motorola-Signal-B···_title_3

jbob - Here is an earlier thread regarding amps and splitters for some ideas:

»5 TV's and Cable Modem

Also check out: »www.cabletvamps.com/education.htm

Schaumburg, IL

Yes. That is the dual-output version (basically just a built-in splitter). There are also a single-output and 4-output versions, and even one with an active (boosted) return.

The Motorola's are known for having very low noise compared to cheap 'Radio Shack' style amps. They use a separate RF-style cable to supply power, so you can actually put them power supply anywhere, and just need to run an 'extra' RF cable (RG59 would be fine for that) to where the amp actually is, which you would normally put as close to where the signal comes into your house.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL
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I prefer this one »www.amazon.com/Motorola-Signal-B···d_cp_e_2 although the Electroline models work very good as well and are approx the same price or maybe a few bucks cheaper. If you simply want to put one on your main tap (incoming line) for cheap I recommend the Motorola »www.amazon.com/Motorola-Signal-B···0&sr=1-1 for only $32.99. The other link above is a 4-port for $47.90.
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Lincroft, NJ

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Yes, I chose to show the 2-output model (BDA-S2), as the OP mentioned that he would probably require a "2 output amp."

The single-output model (BDA-S1) can be seen here: »www.amazon.com/Motorola-Signal-B···_sim_e_6
and the 4-output model (BDA-S4) here: »www.amazon.com/Motorola-Signal-B···d_cp_e_3

If after a large amount of splits, where many of the cable boxes might have a problem with their return path levels, you could try one of the models with an active return path, as FifthE1ement suggested.

As I have a cable modem and 6 TVs (plus a VCR and DVD-recorder) to "feed", I put in a 4-output bi-directional amp (with a passive return-path) after the initial 2-way split for the modem, as shown in the "Cable Modem Setup #1" case at the end of this webpage: »www.cabletvamps.com/education%20···Splitter

I found that this works OK for me, as I have not had any return path issues with any of my STBs.


Springfield, IL

Comcast has started putting these amps in here; I've been to at least 2 houses lately where they just did these:


If you notice, these already have the passive modem split all built in...

jack b
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Cape Cod
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I installed one of these and have zero issues with signals anywhere in my house. This is feeding four, four-way splitters:

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I would defiantly go with the Evolution entry EVO1-5-U/P amp.


This guy has it for $50.

Ebay has them to

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
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the best amp is no amp....

OP- you should move that modem to a 7 leg, and move the upstirs line to that 3.5 leg to increase signal....

you dont have that many outlets to require an amp....
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