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Oshawa, ON
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reply to elwoodblues

Re: [DSL] Blindsided by Teksavvy! $8 modem rental fee!

said by elwoodblues:

said by pnjunction:

You'd do better without the misinformation ($100 activation with nexicom) and exaggerations. They turn you from a critic to a simple hater, keep going like this (acknowledge your mistake yet?) and you're headed for troll territory.

No Misinformation, I'm comparing apples to apples.

There is a $95 activation fee with Teksavvy + the network/activation fee + modem rental.
Both charge the same price for the service, and so sans any additional fee/modem rentals,I'm pointing out Nexicom is offering a better value for the money.

On the Unlimited package Your correct nexicom is a better price, but if the person is using the 300gig package 60.99 still beats 72.95 first year/ 77.95 there after. Unlike teksavvys new Slick marketting i included the Modem cost in the Figure cause really Its not like its an optional Fee. thus it should not be itemized..

And Yes Malochite The Modem fee applys to all Customers regardless of signup date they Flipflopped in the direct forums for a week or 2 but thats the new offical Line Until The next Flop at least.
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