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Re: Looking for a cheap but good camera


FinePix S2950 takes 4 AA batteries. Im thinking of buying 8 AA eneloops with the charger ($25). Idea is to have 4 in the camera and 4 in standby for when the ones in the camera run out, then switch and the put the other to charge. Also will get a 8gb class 10 SDHC card ($15) and the camera ($152) putting the total close to $200 as you mentioned. I guess thats fine given that we like the camera (3 inch screen with 460k dots is nice i guess) and have watched several youtube videos of it.

I dont think we will use HD video (or at least not interested in it right now)

Yes I saw this on a youtube video about pressing the shutter half-way to let the camera focus and then pressing it all the way down to snap the pic. I didnt know about this and I agree, probably our bad experiences have been due to operator ignorance.

@for math comment: the places i been accepted have all offered tuition waiver and a TA with stipend (also a fellowship at one place) so im not paying for the PhD. I guess it all comes from grants so in the grand scheme of things, the govt is indeed paying for it.

Thanks for the advise. So you think I will be good to go with the FinePix S2950?
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Stupid people really piss me off.
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Here's my only concern with that type of P&S.

said by Moropo See Profile
The use of the camera will be mainly to take pictures when we go out on the weekends with a group of friends.

I've got a similar Fulji from many years ago. It'll fit in a larger jacket pocket, but certainly not in a shirt pocket or the wife's small purse. Will you still be inclined to take it with you? It's something to seriously consider.


Yes we will buy a case to hang from the neck if it doesnt come with one. We thought of this and considered it no problem.