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Roseville, CA

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Roseville, CA

Looks like I got it in Roseville, CA as well.

Surprised it took so long actually since the north bay has had it almost a year now. Hopefully this means faster upstream speeds are not far behind. I've been thinking about switching to Surewest 15/15 fiber once they install it on our street in place of Comcast Blast tier(25/4-30/5) I'm on now particularly for the extra upload speed but this might convince me to stick around a bit longer :D

* edit I did a little more investigating to see if speeds were any different and I noticed a slight drop in ping times using the line quality / ping test tool on this site. Went from upper 80s to lower 80s avg. Was expecting a slightly bigger improvement.

The downside is shaper probe now shows I'm no longer getting the 5mbps upstream I was getting before. Now shows being shaped at around 4400kbps instead of 5100kbps consistently :(
DiffProbe beta release. October 2009.
Shaper Detection Module.
Connected to server
Estimating capacity:
Upstream: 5829 Kbps.
Downstream: 35851 Kbps.
The measurement will last for about 2.5 minutes. Please wait.
Checking for traffic shapers:
Upstream: Burst size: 8571-8621 KB; Shaping rate: 4480 Kbps.
Downstream: Burst size: 9153-9293 KB; Shaping rate: 31322 Kbps.
For more information, visit: http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~partha/diffprobe


Folsom, CA