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Rockville, MD

New Login Page-Frustrations

Since yesterday MJ is using a new login page. All I get is INCORRECT LOGIN when trying to access my account to use the call forwarding. I used the online chat and got access, but only for yesterday. And at that only while the chat was active. As soon as the chat was over I got the INCORRECT LOGIN. The error appears in Firefox and IE.
I am manually entering my ID and password. Cache and cookies deleted.

Anyone else having this problem?


Yes... Same here.

Here's why:

There's been a beta version of a new "My magicJack" page for a while. As of Tuesday, the beta page has now replaced the old page, but the link was changed from the old page. The MJ firmware doesn't know the new link.

Here's what you need to do

1) From the Menu, go to "Advanced Users". Then choose "magicJack.com"
2) At the "magicJack.com" page, click on "Login to Your Account" at the upper left of the page.
3) Log in as you have been doing all along at "My magicJack".

Or you can just surf to »magicJack.com and follow the above steps.

I imagine that there will be a "Lucky You" upgrade to the MJ firmware soon to fix the broken link.



Rockville, MD
I had been accessing my account directly from a browser and not from the MJ application. However, your suggestion did work correctly.
Thanks for your help.


I ran into the same problem, but I was using Keepass autotype. That won't work on this popup login screen, no way, no how. I think I read that auto type is too fast for their servers or for the script. Go slow and you'll get there. However, I just tried to log in and can't get any response from MJ.com. NUTTIN! Recon they declared chapter 11?


Rockville, MD
I have no problem accessing my account this morning. But MJ declared bankruptcy? Where did you see that?