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Runs from Clowns

Please help me set up static IP- from an anonymous poster

In the feedback section for this FAQ ---> »Linksys FAQ »How do I set a fixed/static IP address on a LAN PC?

An anonymous poster left this:

This tut was helpful to me only till the extent of completing this process but i am not able to browse the internet i called my ISP and asked him what the problem but they say that i cannot use this procedure to setup a static IP and i had to block my MAC first and then they themselves would setup a static ip in a day.This did not help me in browsing the web even after doing the exact same process every single step fool proofly.Please help me out if u can.
2012-02-15 09:43:39

Hopefully that person will find this topic and someone here will be able to help.

To the person who left this in the feedback section, please ask questions in the forum. There is no good way to help you in the FAQ feedback areas. In forum there is a New Topic button you can use to ask your questions or request help. Members can then reply to you in your topic. The feedback area is only for commenting on the FAQ itself.
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