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This is a sub-selection from Karl is at it again


Cleveland, OH
reply to bbeesley

Re: Karl is at it again

said by bbeesley:

said by WiWavelength:

That you need to substantiate. Your repeated assertion is woefully insufficient proof. Show us some AT&T spectrum utilization data that you have compiled or from an independent source.

That seems like a fair request...perhaps we can ask the same of Karl regarding his repeated assertions and references to his own editorials as proof that they are lying

Dude, AT&T and Verizon have all the money. They were the only ones who could afford the beachfront 700 MHz spectrum in the last auction, and now they're trying to bribe Congress into giving them the vast majority of the upcoming auction of 300 MHz of new spectrum.

AT&T spends more money lobbying Congress than any other corporation in the US.

T-Mobile has around 50 MHz of spectrum, Sprint a little more than that (not including Clearwire's junk 2.5 GHz). AT&T and Verizon own 100+ MHz, but the density of their towers is far, far less than European carriers. AT&T's own CEO admitted they massively underinvested in their network from 2007 onwards.