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Richmond Hill, ON
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Re: Teksavvy Cable - Connection Dropping every 4-8 Hours

Same problem in Richmond Hill.
Motorola Surfboard 6120.

How do I get the modem statistics?


Richmond Hill, ON

said by Alexo:

How do I get the modem statistics?

Never mind,


North York, ON

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reply to junkmail2002

My Modem ususally does the resync once to twice a day but haven't called about it was hopping it would be fixed by now but even people with the new modems are having the issue so it might be a rogers issue. Anyone have the issue go away for good after changing modems in the North York area?


This page will auto-refresh periodically.

Status Code: Operational
Software Version: STAC.02.08
Software Model: a81a
Bootloader: 2.3.0

Cable Signal Details
Forward Path:
Channel Frequency Power SNR BER Modulation
1 633.0 MHz -0.8 dBmV 37.5 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
2 591.0 MHz 1.5 dBmV 38.5 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
3 597.0 MHz 0.9 dBmV 38.2 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
4 603.0 MHz 0.6 dBmV 37.9 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
5 609.0 MHz 0.5 dBmV 37.9 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
6 615.0 MHz 0.4 dBmV 37.5 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
7 621.0 MHz -0.2 dBmV 37.3 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
8 639.0 MHz -0.9 dBmV 37.5 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
Return Path:
Channel ID Frequency Power Modulation
2 25.3 MHz 37.8 dBmV 16 QAM
1 31.3 MHz 39.3 dBmV 16 QAM
3 22.1 MHz 37.3 dBmV 16 QAM
4 38.6 MHz 39.3 dBmV 16 QAM
Data Service Details
Provisioned Address: Yes
Provisioned Time: Yes
Provisioned Configuration: Yes
Registered: Yes
BPI: Enabled

Time Priority Description
Time Not Established Critical (3) DHCP FAILED - Discover sent, no offer received;CM-MAC=00:26:2...
Sun Jul 15 23:25:00 2012 Critical (3) SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync;CM-MAC=00:...
Time Not Established Critical (3) DHCP FAILED - Request sent, No response;CM-MAC=00:26:24:b4:6d...
Time Not Established Critical (3) DHCP FAILED - Requested Info not supported.;CM-MAC=00:26:24:b...
Time Not Established Critical (3) No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=00:26:24:b4...
Mon Jul 09 20:19:54 2012 Critical (3) Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received - ...
Sun Jul 15 23:25:44 2012 Critical (3) Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Un...


Nepean, ON
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Been experiencing this too.


Orleans, ON
reply to junkmail2002

Still having the issue.


London, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
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I had this problem about 4 months ago. Within the last 2 weeks my modem started doing the same thing as before. Today it seems Im online for 10 minutes, down for 3. Probably lots connection 20 times today.

I find this:

Modem lights all are on.
Websites stop responding.
Modem log shows T3 ranging issues.
Modem lights all go off.
Slowly the modem will boot back up.
Sometimes the UL will stall.
Modem reconnects, all lights solid, back online.


Scarborough, ON
reply to junkmail2002

Add one more to the list of the same issue, 2.08 firmware... and nothing is being done about this by Teksavvy, seems like they aren't supporting the product that they pushed onto everyone at a certain time....

North York, ON

Its a really easy fix. Contact tsimartin (making sure to be nice to him) and they'll usually switch your modem out with one with the most up to date firmware. Rogers wont push firmware after they buggered the sb6120 firmware push (which caused this same issue) and your cmts isn't compatible with the 08 firmware.
Battle.net Tech Support MVP


reply to junkmail2002

I wonder if the connection dropping killed my DCM475? It just past the 1 year mark and it is not working. It is so weird that I had no internet and all the lights were solid except the blinking link light. It sucks that Rogers' ticket response was, "Old modem and old firmware." Anyways, Good Luck to those with this modem with firmware 08!


reply to junkmail2002

Been experiencing this too
Motorola SB6210 in Scarborough



I have the DCM475 and I've been having a lot of disconnects too the last few weeks.

Software Version: STAC.02.16
Software Model: a81a
Bootloader: 2.3.0

As far as I know my stats are all in a good range and I get good speed + ping. The disconnects and the sometimes long delays before getting connected back online are very annoying.

Tonight I noticed I don't have full service...only 4 out of 8 channels are working. I normally have all 8.


Waterloo, ON
reply to junkmail2002

I was having this issue since getting the service and I had DCM476 Software Version: STAC.02.31. Got a replacement DCM476 with firmware 2.50 and its been rock solid for week. Seems like the same issue as the DCM475s as well.