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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to Noah Vail

Re: Brighthouse - Florida - List of IP Blocks

said by Noah Vail:

Yes, well..... I'm pretty firm about situations that I've thought through.
I didn't want that to detract from the good that was being done here.

Past all that:
I thoroughly beat up my BH Lightning connection. I host a friends mail server at home and turn away close to 50k spam attempts each day (for 10 email accounts!).
I also host most of a million documents over RDP and have a couple of VoIP lines.

I tightly manage it all with a Very Good QoS router and none of the services are degraded. With lesser equipment, it'd be a nightmare.

The lesson is - if you tax your internet connection (like with bittorrent) and your Browsing or VoIP sucks - make sure your router is up to the job before you blame your ISP.

You are never a distraction from the good....just a nice diversion from the less technical. As for the router and p2p people just don't understand how important a good powerpacked router is. If you must skimp on something let it not be your router. Todays applications place demands on residential routers that rival some businesses. It's not uncommon for the average home to be engaged in thousands of active tcp sessions in any given moment....especially if they are active torrent freaks. Many times people will exceed the capacity of their router and instead of throwing a "hey I'm about to implode here...back off a bit" error the router chokes and the symptoms will mimic common connection issues. Of course you know who they blame then
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Noah Vail
Son made my Avatar
Lorton, VA
·Bright House

said by BHNtechXpert:

Of course you know who they blame then

Yes I do. Along with that will come accusations of caps and network throttling.

I'll be the first to say that BH is one the diminishing number of ISPs that does NOT cap or throttle.

Anyone can take that to the bank. If BH were to ever change policy, I'd know it and would be here w/ the evidence.

I live on a FiOS street and remain w/ BH.
Even though the BH road has occasionally been rocky; when I pressed the matter home I've always had my expectations met.

I retain a measure of respect for BH that I don't hold for many service providers.
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