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Curiosity having been tickled by a recent thread here...

What's the status of the site's plans regarding DSLR Mail? It's been in "beta" status for, like, a decade (longer even than Gmail**); and while it made some sense as a service when it was first implemented, the whole email service "market" has developed quite a bit beyond what your friendly, neighborhood ISP used to provide (and still does--but, really, who relies on that anymore?). (**And, as an aside, the site's FAQ about "The GMAIL" is certainly... entertaining.) Outside of the site's support folks and some grandfathered members who still use it [even if only a little], does it make sense anymore [as a potential site service]? (Said another way, has DSLR Mail itself been "grandfathered"?)
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DSLR mail is more or less an orphan. It was never brought out of 'beta' status, but is still functional and viable for those who use it daily. The FAQ simply reflects the information prevalent at the time that it was introduced. Most of the entries are +/- 9 years old.

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reply to mod_wastrel
said by mod_wastrel:

What's the status of the site's plans regarding DSLR Mail?

It is my impression that it was decided that it should never come out of beta. It is my guess that the decision was at least partly due to the spam problem that afflicts email today.

Roughly speaking, it is deprecated but likely to not be removed since it is used for email communication with dslr such as when having problems with an account.

Yes, I have a dslr mail address. I set that up when it was already clear that mail was deprecated. I use it only for dslr related communication - mostly email sent about phishtrack entries.

May I suggest that people looking for email service should not consider dslr. It's fine for special purpose uses, such as the way I have used it. But if people want a general purpose email service, then go to an email service provider.
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