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This is a sub-selection from Karl is at it again

Richardson, TX
reply to Simba7

Re: Karl is at it again

said by Simba7:

3. Actually upgrade your towers to OC3 instead of adding a T1 here and there.

the majority of carrier activity is bypassing TDM and going to Ethernet handoffs

at any rate, they have already for some time now been actively implementing much larger bandwidth adds than you suggest...an OC3 would only get them a bit less than 150Mbs max....from what I have seen from all the carriers, they are running more like 600-700Mbs per tower and trending has the industry expecting demand for 1G connections being the norm within the next 18months

I have spoken with numerous service providers who are looking for upgrade paths to take their current 1G service rings and spurs to 10G to facilitate this growing demand from cell providers at their towers.


Quite true. As I understand it, a lot of AT&T and Verizon towers are using 1gbps IP-RAN backhaul. Of course some rural towers are still using T1's, but when you have EDGE on the air interface, it would be kind of pointless to have more than a T1, if that, for data. I wish they would push the enhanced back-haul farther out, like Verizon is with their LTE upgrades, although they would have to push HSPA+ farther out first.

@WernerShutz: It's not always true. Like the T-Mobile merger, or trying to get more spectrum. And the unethical and dishonest practices that AT&T has, while true, like overage charges that are higher than the plan rate, international roaming fees that are in the stratosphere, no discount for BYOD (excepting some T-Mobile plans), are held by all four major carriers in the industry.