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This is a sub-selection from Karl is at it again


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Re: Karl is at it again

Quite true. As I understand it, a lot of AT&T and Verizon towers are using 1gbps IP-RAN backhaul. Of course some rural towers are still using T1's, but when you have EDGE on the air interface, it would be kind of pointless to have more than a T1, if that, for data. I wish they would push the enhanced back-haul farther out, like Verizon is with their LTE upgrades, although they would have to push HSPA+ farther out first.

@WernerShutz: It's not always true. Like the T-Mobile merger, or trying to get more spectrum. And the unethical and dishonest practices that AT&T has, while true, like overage charges that are higher than the plan rate, international roaming fees that are in the stratosphere, no discount for BYOD (excepting some T-Mobile plans), are held by all four major carriers in the industry.