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Peoria, IL

Sorry Sprint, Too Late!

I grew tired of hearing excuses of "We're upgrading our towers. It will be three months and you'll see better speeds." They sure didn't have a problem finding ways to increase fees NOW. I was seeing network congestion which made the dial-up days of the 90s seem better. Although we will be paying more for our service through US Cellular, at least we have data we can actually use! I'm not worried about not having 4G. When I actually NEED a faster connection, I'm usually in a wi-fi zone anyway. You can't believe Sprint's time frames one bit!


Toledo, OH
You never could after they went down hill. Their network is getting to be to the point where in metro area its unusable even when near a tower, you still don't get service. They give you an AiRave which is a POS to start off with and blame your Internet connection; even if you use 3 different provides in 3 totally different areas of your state. And yet its still your fault and they kill your contracts because you told them how their service is.

Sprint will go the way of the birds in the winter if they don't start improving; and that needs to be done FAST. Maybe even under a new CEO that isn't worried about the iPhone. I remember the days where Sprint had their own brand o equipment/devices and worked GREAT and now NOTHING.