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Surrey, BC

[BC] bridge mode on ncs latest firmware on actiontec v1000h

I bought another actiontec v1000h and loaded with ncs firmware from the actiontec's website.I was able to do so by the help of some nice fellows here on dslreports!! everything seems to be working but i cant figure out how to do the bridge mode?If i select transparent bridge mode in advanced settings then the pc connected on lan 1 can't access internet and still gets the ip in 192.168.0.xx range.If the router runs in bridge mode,will the pc connected on lan 1 get external ip address?I am confused and please help me as i want to set this modem in a bridge mode so that i can use my usb harddrive on linksys e3000. thanks...


Surrey, BC
Ok..finally i got my external hardrive on e3000(connected to actiontec) working!! i am happy now as now i can access my network storage even from outside.that was my main problem after transferring to telus from shaw.At one point i was thinking to go back to shaw but now everything is working as before and i will stay with telus.I wouldn't have accomplished without the help of nice people here.Thanks again everybody.....


Which version of the NCS software did you use, and what did you have to change? I'm curious as to the settings, as my current firmware (the hacked Telus .48 one) crashes it's webserver so I can't enter the modem's settings after making changes (it only appears after I do a hard reset).

Do your settings work for Optik TV?



reply to amitsekhon
I am trying to set up my system in a similar manner but am not having any success. I don't know if the E3000 should connect to the Actiontec via its WAN port or one of the link ports.

Should the connection to the linksys be to its WAN port or a link port?

Can the Actiontec be at and the Linksys be at - assuming the Linksys is handling the DHCP



Edmonton AB
If connecting a Linksys to the Actiontec, use a link port. Putting it in the WAN port puts the Actiontec into router mode and will interrupt your connection. Connect the ethernet line to the WAN port on the Linksys. You will also have to change the default address range on the Linksys. If it uses 192.168.1.x, it will conflict with the Actiontec. Change it to 192.168.10.x and you should theoretically have no issues. Bear in mind if you call in for technical support, you will need at least one of your PCs able to be connected to the Actiontec as Telus will not support a 3rd party router connected to their gateway.


Don't use the WAN port on the LInksys, but connect the cable to the LAN side of the Linksys. Just treat the Linksys as a switch and better WiFi provider. Use the DHCP server on the Actiontec and disable the one on the Linksys. All the WiFi connections will now get their address from the Actiontec DHCP server.