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Re: Street Fighter X Tekken

said by RRedline:

said by Goggalor:

Hopefully, it isn't too combo crazy. The ridiculousness of the combos is why I disliked MvC.

I agree. The combos are ridiculously long. I think the whole "air combo" thing is a little much too. It's fun to dish out long combos, but I think it ruins the pace of the game.

I really like the combo system in SF IV, but I wouldn't mind mixing in a few of the design elements from MvC. It looks like they took SF and made it a 2-on-2 team (rather than 3-on-3), but without the crazy assist nonsense in MvC.

We won't know until we play it, but I am optimistic about it.

Street fighter games were always about easier combos.
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said by AuraReturn:

Street fighter games were always about easier combos.

You must be joking, right? Only a dedicated player could ever learn to land big combos in SF games, especially during a match against another player. The combo system in MvC 3 is deep for sure, but it's not nearly as demanding as the strict timing of links in SF IV.

I always thought that one of the biggest reasons why so many people give up on SF is because of the steep learning curve.
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