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LXI 483
O Fallon, MO

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They did it to themselves

The ILECs did this to themselves. I can completely understand not wanting to build a new FTTP network. I can understand why they wanted to milk the copper. I can't understand why they chose to keep pursuing the "one pair" topography philosophy.

It was made quite clear, about 15 years ago, that the only way for twisted pair to compete with coax was pair bonding and "poleside" aggregation. Any old TP cable can carry more bandwidth than coax - if done properly. The telcos refused to do this, and now wireline is dieing on the vine.

4 years ago, the 24 Mbps of U-verse almost seemed formidable. Now, compared to 100Mbps, it's laughable.
The ILECs clearly underestimated the technological advancements in coax delivery.

I could get 6/768 service from the local phone company for $60 / mo. ~or~ I can get 100/5 service from the local cable company for the same $60 / mo. It's a no-brainer. The phone company can get bent.

It's quite clear that wireless is their new cash cow.
...because I care.