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Markham, ON

Speed issues

We are a DSL/Cable reseller/VoIP Provider in Markham and do not think your issue is unique at all. We have noticed issues like this many times. Most likely when they changed your service they put you on a different DSLAM port and pair that is just not as good as your original.

We have also experienced the Bell switcheroo where your friend next door has opted for the new Bell higher price "guaranteed" service and when the tech comes to install he finds that the wire to the house is not very good.... but yours is so they swap the lines. Why not your friend next door is paying more and you are only on an "up to" service. too bad you lose..... that's the great Bell philosophy we are all supposed to get used to... I don't think so but the rest of us are only resellers... Bell and Rogers are the only game in town. Can you spell monopoly?

Bell will tell you its not true but we were told otherwise...

Stick to the reseller and just get them to help you... They will have to open tickets until it gets resolved but don't give up.... The smaller companies want your business more than Bell or Rogers...!

Bell will eventually have to listen once they lose more market share.

Andrew Bongard

Peterborough, ON
In this scenario, the customer pair would have remained the same.. customer would have been moved on the same pair over to our DSLAM's.


I am currently considering the switch from Bell in Lindsay but this review concerns me. What concerns me more is that I called Nexicom just now and got a recording the offices were closed. The hours of operation on the web site indicate they are open on Saturdays. This is not the case and I tried different options to get to talk to someone.

If I'm not going to get a hold of anyone when I have questions about making the switch, what's going to happen when I need tech support down the line, seems risky.

On paper the service definitely makes you think twice about being with Bell but a degradation in service and possibly speed? Doesn't look too promising.

Peterborough, ON
Our support line is certainly open on Saturdays (and Sundays). What time did you call - I'll take a look and see what happened on Saturday.

You can also drop by our office in Lindsay (corner of York and Kent). I can't remember the hours of that office off the top of my head though right now.
Nexicom - »www.nexicom.net

Peterborough, ON
reply to Chris2012
Sorry, I got trigger happy and posted.

As long as you are fed off of the CO in Lindsay (corner of William & Bond), then you will be on our DSLAM that is colocated there, and will NOT be on Bell's DSLAM.

I can't guarantee the speeds, as the speeds are dependent on the quality of the copper pair, but we can certainly do our best to get you the best service possible.
Nexicom - »www.nexicom.net
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