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Brooklyn, NY
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sometimes Comcast tries to stretch the truth, but in this case.. anyone ragging on ANY KIND OF DSL technology is correct. there is NO proven real world way of making this a 50, 100 150 megabit service over copper lines and that's where we SHOULD be heading towards next generation broadband tiers- NOT artifically generated scarcity based upon being CHEAP, STUPID, and acting against the consumer's interest (which is who pays the bill at the end of the month!) it's your money stupids-- throw it away on a company who hates you and want to turn you over and shake out every last cent for crap service or choose differnt, even if it's as lame as comcrap.

if at&t only had 7% market share or less.. they'd really get the message, but the sad truth is they have about 14% market share [[WAY TO MANY A - PATHETC CONSUMERS OUT THERE!!]... Verizon FIOS? 25% on average (closer to 45% in COMPETITIVE MARKETS). therefore, you CAN conclude prduent investments are a success. Fiber is a worthy technology to invest in.. even cable companies know this.. they're just going at it piecemeal.. eventually both telco & cableco will have to be fiber. coax may get to gigabit, but much like dsl... upstream is still a problem sorting out at every stage, it gets harder to clear up the upstream channels without replacing costly coax for newer "PURE" coax-- might as well go fiber all the way at that point..

lastly, WHY would Comcast make such commericals, to try and rile up AT&T customers? well, you don't have to go very far to understand why? Verizon & Comcast now have a de-facto truce with FIOS expansion. So, WHERE is Comcast going to get it's next slice of revenue? Yup! AT&T! That's where.. the newly Obama administration rubber stamped truce between Comcast and Verizon (I say rubber stamped, because they have done ZERO to discourage this so far) makes Verizon greedy to sell wireless.. they can only do that better if AT&T is in some way damaged... and that can be done by forcing AT&T to spend more money defending it's wireline market share.

At first, I didn't have a problem with Verizon buying that spectrum, but this truce btw Verizon & Comcast (with a sub-plot to damage AT&T) puts it in a WHOLE NEW LIGHT and it ain't good for Mr. Consumer!

Joliet, IL
I like how the article states U-Verse HD suffers compression artifacts when too many streams are in use. It does that on one stream, lol!!! Comcast's commercial holds some water as AT&T is trying to run U-Verse over some old azz copper.