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Flat Rock, IL
reply to pprimmer

Re: Satellite to DSL should be a no brainer

said by pprimmer:

I too was on WB and when the announced their ridiculous new Exede service...

Yes, I was aware of their monthly lease fee, which to me was just adding insult to injury. I can't complain too much about WildBlue, because I really haven't had very many problems. But due to the bandwidth limitations, I always considered it a stopgap service until I could get something better.

The DSL service does not have a cap at present, and the phone co-op doesn't have any plans to implement one. The co-op has 500 some customers, with 350 subscribed to DSL. There are only 2 guys who do everything from laying cable to managing the DSLAMs, so it's nice to be able to talk face-to-face with the provider. They ran the cable today and plan to have me connected on Monday. They told me that they have a long-range plan to run fiber to all customers, but I am not expecting that to come about for at least 5 years, maybe even 10. But you never know, a couple of months ago I wasn't even considering having DSL access. Regardless, now I'm just tickled pink with the prospect of having it (even if it's around 1.5) while living in the middle of my 40-acre woods.

If Exede had offered a much more generous bandwidth allowance along with the 12.5 speed, I would have had to think about it. But there would still be the latency issue and weather-related outages, so after thinking things through I am actually glad that they forced my hand.

Exede may eventually offer more attractive plans, but they will have lost me for good. I don't understand their line of thinking, unless they are primarily focused on revenue from businesses and government, and consider any money they are able to squeeze out of individual consumers as gravy. Stayed tuned, I have a feeling that there are going to be quite a few disgruntled Exede users.

I hope your switch to wireless works out satisfactorily.


My biggest "bitch" about Wildblue besides speed, which never comes even close to the advertised is the high number of resets and page crashes I am subjected to which makes a mockery of my caps. I can easily run these up, having to reload or repeat downloads due to constant server crashes due to inactivity and lag. Repeat once repeat twice etc etc until complete
No problems with Exede service here »
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