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Hilo, HI
reply to Guest768

Re: Voodooshield

Hmmm...you said:

"OMG, nothing you have said has been true."

That's sounds to me like you were accusing me of lying.

I will try several when I get a new computer. My Dell XPS 600 is six years old. It is my only computer with at least one hardware problem. I am not about to remove PG from it just so I can try Voodoo or others. I can try Voodoo on a virtual machine since it will run on XP SP2 (SafenSec won't) but I have been on a direct modem connection for about a month now so I can't use a virtual machine until I get this hardware problem fixed (actually two hardware problems) and then put the router back in action.

I will try them but it is a little naive of you to think that it is not possible to get a good feel for a program, and what it does, by going to its website and reading about it. This is especially true if you are a long time user of a rival program that is in the same category. Again, I never claimed I had tried Voodoo (and certainly not SafenSec that won't even run on my Service Pack).
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