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Redford, MI

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reply to Santa Fe

Re: [Chat] OR will this be ickypoo?

said by Santa Fe:

I used to work for a retailer, but they fired me, the darned tails kept falling off!

Was that a donkey retailer?
That pin and blindfold gets tricky

I can relate to the movie A Nights Tale with the theme of changing ones stars. I wish you the best signmeuptoo. Seems there is plenty of opportunity, but the way to it is not always clear. The key is to pursue each dream as far as you can, and make the best of each experience.

The volunteering - and other avenues of networking will take you places you can never pre-plan. Besides doing good for others, it might open more doors. Prayers for your future outlook sent on high.

Jim, VoIP 12/2002, VOIPo 2/2007
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Bless you Howie

Though the volunteering I don't do for any benefit, not seeking to get anything out of it, except that it makes me feel good helping people. It really isn't a big deal, anyways, it's not like I am going out building a nice house for a family down on their luck. (though I really wish I COULD be so useful!)
Join Teams Helix and Discovery. Rest in Peace, Leonard David Smith, my best friend, you are missed badly! Rest in peace, Pop, glad our last years were good. Please pray for Colin, he has ependymoma, a brain cancer, donate to a children's Hospital.