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Cortlandt Manor, NY
reply to JeepMatt

Re: [HD] My Fox Soccer HD Issues - Advice Needed

GIVE UP! VERIZON IS WASTING OUR TIME AS WELL AS THEIR TECHS! Fox Soccer Channel, Fuse, and Golf Channel do not work on Verizon FIOS. All of Verizon staff know this and have been told to continue the 'it's not working, well that's odd' game even though they know that the channels are not consistent.

I have no idea what the problem is, but everything I've read online points to the source of the channels. But I don't really care--IT'S NOT MY JOB TO FIGURE IT OUT VERIZON--ARE YOU F'N LISTENING????!!!!! If the channels don't work, take them offline. Because I understand that as a business, you cannot offer a product 50% of the time, which is what I get. To admit this is bad business, I get it. So take it offline!!! This is insanity. My tech visit was scheduled yesterday in a window from 8-5. Guess what time he came? 3:30. Guess what he did? Tightened my cable connections? Guess what that solved? NOTHING!!!!!! Of course, he got lucky because the channels were working when he was here, so he didn't have to lie his way out of trash bag. So I wasted an entire day for nothing. If you're having the same trouble, don't even bother with having a tech come out. Just make sure you call to complain and tell them not to bother with tech because it's obvious that the issue has not been fixed and it's not an issue with your individual connection.

I just switched from Cablevision to FIOS a few months ago, and other than this issue, I'm very satisfied with my service. And I didn't have FSC with my basic package on Cablevision. But this is one of the reasons I switched to FIOS. And now I only get the channel 50% of the time. The best is when you're watching a close game and your picture starts suddenly pixelating and then you're done. FU-V!!!!!

C'mon the U
Wilmington, DE
·Verizon FiOS

If you're having breakup on Fuse AND Fox Soccer HD - then it is a wiring issue at your home. The two share the same frequency, and it is the lowest frequency (69 MHz) in use - which makes it more prone to noise.

There's either an issue with your splitter, the coax itself, or the ends.
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Virginia Beach, VA

FYI....Fuse HD and Fox Soccer HD are on 549 MHz here. But, I agree wiring issue for him if both are breaking up and are on the same QAM.