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Gatineau, QC

magic Jack drops calls

Think about it, so many people are able to make free phone calla local and long distance.
Since "On June 24, 2009, .CA LTD, filed a lawsuit against LP with the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver Registry (No. S-094744)"
There are disputes between the US company and the Canadian Company.
As well a friend had bought a Magic jack and used it, after awhile it would drop any phone calls after 1 min, he was first told to apply an update, when that didn't work, he was to uninstall and reinstall the software as well as drivers, that also didn't help. every time he phoned customer support, they would tell him the same support advice over and over again. he finally ended up getting a replacement magic Jack for paying a shipping and handling fee. it worked great, until recently, the same problem started again.
Now if this was truly a driver or software issue, the Replacement Magic jack would have had the same glitch.
If it was a hardware issue, then why would it occur twice at the same intervals?
I believe its the same issue as with Pay phones that are not Bell Telephone. They drop your call if you don't pay more money after one minute.
I believe Magic Jack is doing something similar.
Drop the call by means of forcing a releasing of a new IP address.
You remain connected to their network, but the call ends up being dropped.