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Re: MSN Wireless

We are not a scam. and the charges you saw are not phony. We have a 911 fee (Paid Yearly $1 per month), We have a Late Payment Charge (NSF) $15, so if you pay your bill late you will pay this fee, we have a Wireless Number Fee (Paid Yearly $1 per month), these charges are there because we charge the lowest rates, such as a $9 plan Unlimited Canada Wide, surely we cannot cover the cost of having a phone number and provide 911 access in $9 a month. There is no cell phone company that provides a $9 plan unlimited Canada wide with Coverage on the Bell Network across Canada. We have been charging these fees for the past few years, and will be removing them, once our plans are better aligned to other carriers in Canada. These fees are usually accounted for in the prices carriers charge, as well the ones that charge less a month, give lesser coverage as well. We have the best coverage and the best prices, and continue to improve for the best possible experience for everyone.

Misc not a charge we have.

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Re: msn wireless

said by msnwireless:

@simply... You have been with us for two years now, and we are definitely the cheapest in Canada, we can bet on that. We have no contracts, and no credit checks. If payment is not made on time, service is suspended immediately, no question. You are charged a late payment charge (NSF) since we do give advance notification 10 days prior to the bill being due, on each and every call you do get reminder to pay your bill on time. If we had credit checks we would gladly provide you uninterrupted service, but we cannot do this at this time. No other Canadian company gives you constant reminders for 10 days straight, with a courtesy, SMS, as well. We put more money into our clients than any other company in Canada at our level, including the prepaid market. Any other Prepaid carrier, would remind you 2 or 3 times by SMS or a single phone call. But we do it for 10 days straight, each and every outgoing call, so if you make 1 call or 100 calls, you are reminded each time.

we have agents and stores across Canada. As well we have over 10,000 points of payment including website payment option available. More payment points than any other company in Canada. Any Canadian credit union or bank can take your payment, as well as Western Union locations.

We are not sure which plan you have, but your calls must route through our network as you know. If your calls route through the BELL network it costs money, considered roaming, by using unauthorized phones, that are not sold by us or provided by us, you need to update your settings, when you change your handset, manually. Also, if you have a local we only have two plans, either you have a local plan for the city in which you live, or you have a Canada wide plan, its very simple.

Please contact us directly, and if you are dissatisfied with customer service, you are most welcome to drop by any store location that may be close to you.

Our handsets are low-end feature phones, our focus has always been on the small medium business, owner operators, truckers, plumbers, trades people love our phones, ZTE and Huawei is our manufacturing partner and we have been selling our phones for years, they last longer than any other leading brands out there for the purpose they were built for. We focus on Voice Calls and SMS and these handsets serve the purpose of the majority of our clients.

Such a loyal customer such as yourself should not have to go through so much. Still if you wish to cancel service, please contact us directly so that we can help you get rid of your misery.

@Paolo is right, you do pay for what you get, and we provide the BEST coverage, at the BEST price, we focus on SELF SERVICE, we have a client portal where you can see all your bills, call logs and etc.

We have just partnered up with Walmart Canada, and you should see us in more places soon.

We are also working on high end smart phones, please keep checking back with us and once we have them available, you may look to purchase.


we have a client portal where you can see all your bills, call logs and etc.

I'm just wondering where the client portal is. I have tried registering but the link does not work and I am unable to view my bill....please help.


we have just updated our website in September 2012. Please go to, scroll down on the right hand side you will see username and password.

If you do not have one, please call 4167459900 and they can provide this information to you.


I have been with the company from past one year. Good experience till now.....Good network at low prices..Had been paying above $100.00 to others before I came across them and started my savings. I just pay $25.00 a month for everything.

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does your data include lte?


Yes we have LTE.