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This is a sub-selection from outgoing does cost.


Littleton, CO
reply to treichhart

Re: outgoing does cost.

I have seen a lot of these issues with the Telco's themselves for many years. So this is not an isolated issue. I just think that here it is a more sterile aspect and we have noticed sooner and more dynamically. AND with increased abuse and no support, the "Do not call list" is a joke, people that are being called are being more proactive. And there lies the rub.

The interaction of Telco's, Celco's have always been haphazard at best. And now add the VoIP's, where many of the Telco's who control this feature, for the most part, don't like sharing their ball as was the initial problem between Telco's and Celco's. And here we have the problem. Here, if at all, the fee comes into play for two reasons: an excuse why not to provide the service completely; or in this day and age of "money saving", a reason not to spend. Either way, we lose.

What ever happened to the good ol' days of industry inter-cooperation. Oh wait!! There never was any!!! Unless the Telco owned it.
This is a sub-selection from outgoing does cost.