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Evans, GA
reply to Angelicfury

Re: [PvE] Returning after a few months

said by Angelicfury:

In my experience I did Prot Palli from 1-85 mainly in dungeons. I had fun with it till I hit 85 and mostly everyone seemed to be zergers or cross haired focused DPS. I literally stopped playing and created my Holy Pali. I've read guides about Disc spec and tried it. I totally FAIL healing in Disc spec (not due to lack of trying).

I would like to rez my Pali and do some awesomeness with him again and its something I have on my to do list. I've ventured over to askmrrobot.com or whatever it is and chose not to stack stam gems. I guess my exp is a little off when it comes to trying to hit cap while trying not to be squishy.

don't worry so much about hit/expertise cap at 85. focus more on dodge/parry/mastery. the recent buff to threat was huge. »maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/···#p671091

edit: While I do not have a pally tank at max level, our main tank is a pally. He does try to keep his hit above 4%... but I think that's mostly asthetic... he hates seeing his avenger's shield fly off the screen with a miss, lol.

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