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reply to goalieskates

Re: How Target found out a teen was pregnant before father knew

said by goalieskates:

They're definitely pushing the definition of customer service. Why not have a registry for expectant moms like they do weddings?

Target has one...
[Pole] ran test after test, analyzing the data, and before long some useful patterns emerged. Lotions, for example. Lots of people buy lotion, but one of Pole’s colleagues noticed that women on the baby registry were buying larger quantities of unscented lotion around the beginning of their second trimester. Another analyst noted that sometime in the first 20 weeks, pregnant women loaded up on supplements like calcium, magnesium and zinc. Many shoppers purchase soap and cotton balls, but when someone suddenly starts buying lots of scent-free soap and extra-big bags of cotton balls, in addition to hand sanitizers and washcloths, it signals they could be getting close to their delivery date.
Don't think, underage high school kids are going to sign up though.
Living in Paradise!!

Idledale, CO
So if Target pushes an ad at me - out of sheer spite, I'll buy it elsewhere if I want it. The trash can is on the way to the door - ads don't even make it in the house.

I can find used stuff cheaper anyway. Buy used and put the extra money in savings.

I either sewed or bought clothes for the kid at used boutiques. We had the money to buy, just didn't like the crap offered. What I did make would have cost well over $200. Not in Target's league.

I still don't care for most of the stuff for sale anyway. I won't do online surveys, won't give out email, avoid giving out phone # if possible. Usual answer as to why I didn't buy - piece of junk, not interested. I want what I want and that's it. No marketer will change my mind. They are just wasting their time.

Food coupons are the only ones I'll use, and then only for stuff I want. The rest go in the trash.

"buying lots of scent-free soap and extra-big bags of cotton balls, in addition to hand sanitizers"

I could have a rash, and I craft. Cotton balls are good for cleaning up, dabbing paint and various other things - like spotting a stain. So much for assuming.

Europe is starting to think about privacy laws:
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