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« The TV guide never worked right either. »
This is a sub-selection from Lazy


Waterford, MI
reply to amungus

Re: Lazy

said by amungus:

Until you can watch the show that just aired, within minutes of it airing, instead of DAYS ...

"Days?" How about, for some of the most popular content, never?

We signed-up for Hulu Plus assuming we'd be able to do-away with the DVD recorder. Nope. Most of the stuff in which either my wife or I would've been interested simply is not there. Period. In fact: Other than the Daily Show, which I used to enjoy, we found absolutely nothing on HP to justify the $8/mo. So we canceled it.

Netflix is pretty useful, so we kept that.

What we do watch via streaming is watched via our Panasonic Blu-ray player. The TV's connected, but doesn't have any capabilities other than talking to my DLNA server and downloading new firmware. It's a fairly recent (less than a year old) Samsung, too.

So far I'm massively underwhelmed with streaming content.


Macon, GA
I have a LG 3d plasma smart tv that I use to connect to my computer to allow me to stream media content wirelessly from the computer to the TV using Nero Media Home 4 Essentials. It allowed me to use My Media center extender on another TV that did not have wireless.

Boston, MA
reply to jseymour
And the Daily Show is available from for free anyway.