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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to sparc

Re: Poor performance killed connected tvs

said by sparc:

Apple is going to wipe the floor with the rest of the sets simply because they care about the apps, user interface, and speed of the system.

Yeah, because Apple TV has just been wiping up the floor, why can't Apple do it with an Apple iHDTV. /sarcasm

How are they going to wipe up the competition?
- Are they going to revolutionize the UI/UX? They already have the interface with the Apple TV. Why wasn't it done for that already? It's not like the technology wasn't there.
- Are they going to make the TV thinner? There's already ultra thin displays in the market.
- Are they going to increase the size? There's already everything from ultra small to ultra large displays in the market.
- Are they going to make the resolution better? 1080p is the max anyone is going to use for some time and even that is confined to bluray discs.
- Are they going to have a 'retina display'? Useless when you are more then a few feet away.

If the rumors are correct, paying a 350% premium for a 42" TV that you can talk to and wave your hand at sounds like guaranteed commercial success and how can it end badly? /sarcasm again


all i was trying to indicate was that the bar was set terribly low from existing manufacturers.

Anyone could come in and do better than the existing manufacturers. That's how badly they've botched things.

You way overstated my Apple comment as they will barely have to do anything to make a better experience than what's out there now.

Willseyville, NY
Botched connected TV maybe, but as a TV they work fine and are pretty understandable to all tech level users. Someone might take over the connected tv market, but I doubt it - it's an odd market niche as it is. Anyone who wants features pretty much wants a box they can change out more often than the TV as the features are changing pretty fast. I.e for a while Netflix was fine for video, but now there's hulu, amazon, maybe new ones around the corner. USB playback of avi was ok at one time, now you might want mkv ...

And on and on.
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