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reply to BiggA

Re: Box is better.

said by BiggA:

Roku can easily be replaced when something better comes along. You're stuck with what's in the TV (although you can always add a Roku or ATV to it). I'd connect one to my network if I had one, but I doubt I'd use it very much.

I don't understand the comments about being stuck with what's on the TV. My one 'smart' TV takes firmware updates all the time and there have been occasions when new apps have appeared. Same as with Blu-ray player, network receivers, etc. Yes, manufacturers are not going to keep updating forever as they need a reason to market new models I guess. But on the whole you are not stuck with what came out the box. Maybe some brands don't ever update?
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You're stuck hardware wise. Boxes can introduce new hardware as needed.


Roslindale, MA

I agree. I have net apps on my LG Blu Ray player, I use that mostly for Vudu. I prefer the Netflix app on my Roku box, which gets tons of use.
In January I replaced a beast of a tv with a LG flat panel 42 inch. The Samsung was a 2003 30 inch tube HD set, weighing a wiping 150 lbs. 2 component in for inputs. Was no fun putting out for Boston Recycling. Still worked ok, but the brightness was starting to go. I chose the non net app tv to save some money. My parents have the next model up, which has net apps and a nicer ui.