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[OOL] OOL Dynamic DNS service via Hostway

Im getting really tired of being bounced between OOL tech support and Hostway tech support. Can someone confirm the following information I was provided.
- OOL Triple Play subscribers get OOL Boost plus which includes free Dynamic DNS services.
- The DDNS service is provided by their subcontractor, Hostway.
- The Netgear 3400 router provided by OOL for their triple play subscribers does NOT support Hostway as a DDNS service provider - it only supports
- There is no other router that supports Hostways DDNS service
- To use Hostway's service, you need to download and install their client software and keep it running 24/7.

And this is supposed to be better than the service I had been using????

Please FIOS, you cant get here fast enough for me!


New Rochelle, NY
I think the assumption is that if you need a fixed IP address that you are running some server 24x7 and can install a client.

It is clearly not better than the DynDNS service.


Im running IP cameras in a vacation home (which is why Im looking for a hardware/router solution for DNS updating.