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NYC Girl
Bronx, NY
reply to tmc8080

Re: so?

said by tmc8080:

Cablevision's internet service IS improving around the margins.. it's less likely you'll be stuck with 5 megabit service when everyone is online in major metro areas since there has been more node splitting-- you won't get the run-around (at customer service, like so what?!? your cablemodem internet is slow..) you did for the last decade.. even less so when FIOS comes waltzing into parts of Queens and Brooklyn.

Still, a major sticking point with FIOS is what's old is new again.. that being higher prices, contracts, service fees from hell and beyond make FIOS a higher priced product than it was 2 years ago. There's really no getting around that at the moment.. Haven't really seen paychecks rise 25% in the last 2 years.. did yours?

Not that I care that much... the FIOS extreme tv package has lost MORE channels and value over the last 2 years while the price went up.. (even a price lock doesn't guarantee that they won't pass along fee increases). If somebody would like to look at the language of that ad campaign of 2 years ago and see if there's some legal standing for class action.. I'd sign up!

BTW, young people.. stop being so gullable, do what's best for YOU! That could mean signing up for either the cable-co, telco, or neither..

I get a better deal with FIOS $$$ wise and more stuff.