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[DSL] Could someone check my line stats?

I signed for Teksavvy's Unlimited 6 DSL at the end of January and initially hit 2.5Mbps on speedtest.net. When I called Teksavvy support, they said Bell had set me on their 3 profile, so they opened a ticket and told me to wait a couple days. I got a call from Tek the next day and said they couldn't do anything initially since Bell doesn't respond to tickets on the day of activation (I'm guessing Bell always gives the lower profile on activation day?). So Teksavvy sent another ticket requesting the profile change and the next day I was hitting roughly 4.8Mbps / 0.60... Then the day after, it went up to roughly 5.4Mbps / 0.40... a few more days go by and again it goes up, to roughly 6.4Mbps / 0.60.

Right now I'm trying to understand the stats I pulled... I'd like to possibly go to a higher speed one day, but from what I was told by Teksavvy is that it looks that my line could only go up to 8Mbps. If that's the case, I may look in to switching to cable once Teksavvy announces their new pricing for Quebec, although I don't like the slowdowns during peak hours (I came from Videotron, and it always got sluggish after dinner).

Anyways... my stats:

Uptime: 4 days, 1:11:07
Modulation: G.992.5 annex A
Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]: 798 / 7.615
Data Transferred (Sent/Received) [KB/KB]: 0,00 / 1,00
Output Power (Up/Down) [dBm]: 12,0 / -25,4294967291
Line Attenuation (Up/Down) [dB]: 21,5 / 43,0
SN Margin (Up/Down) [dB]: 11,0 / 7,0
Vendor ID (Local/Remote): TMMB / GSPN
Loss of Framing (Local/Remote): 0 / 0
Loss of Signal (Local/Remote): 0 / 0
Loss of Power (Local/Remote): 0 / 0
Loss of Link (Remote): 0
Error Seconds (Local/Remote): 788 / 0
FEC Errors (Up/Down): 0 / 0
CRC Errors (Up/Down): 1 / 75.160
HEC Errors (Up/Down): 0 / 31.032

One other thing I'd like to mention is that I game online. I haven't noticed much difference between cable/dsl, but on occasion on a game such as L4D I would notice "time warping". It doesn't happen every session, but unless I'm forgetting, I don't recall this happening while on cable. Could this be something to do my with stats?



put firmware on your speedtouch, reconnect and post dmt stats.