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Thinking about Switch from Comcast?

I am thinking of switching from Comcast to Centurylink. I checked on line and I qualify for 40mb down. I called their customer service line and asked what kind of DSL technology would be used to hook up my house and the rep didn't know. I have been researching making the change but after reading through this forum I am a bit nervous. I would appreciate and input in regards to what I should determine technology wise so I can determine if I should make the change or not. I don't know very much about DSL and my house is 30 years old so running data over my phone lines has me a bit nervous. I don't know if it makes a difference but there is a centurylink shed of some sort that is on the corner of my driveway. Thier vans are there everyday. Any input, advise or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Doug



I wouldn't suggest it, I had Comcast for years, moved to Century Link to save money, it's been nothing but slow speeds, high ping and constant disconnects, now I live in Indiana and it might be different in other parts of the US but I am already in the process of moving back to Comcast.


Snoqualmie, WA

I switched from Comcast about 5 months ago and have been quite happy. I think you will find that those of us that can get 40mb service are generally pleased with it. The technology being used is VDSL2 and is fed by fiber to the node (probably that box outside your house).

I also have DirecTV for my TV service and so I get a bundle discount that I never used to get with DirecTV + Comcast internet.

From the months I've been on this forum I find that most people with VDSL2 are happy. Those with slow ADSL (like the 1.5/7/12mbit services) are generally unhappy. I would recommend giving them a try.



So is the fiber on the streat then they run the signal though my existing phone line or do thy run a line from the fiber to my house? So I should make sure it is VDSL2 and I should be good to? Is it best rouse there modem or get my own? Also should I have there tech set it up or do it myself. Thanks in advance.


Snoqualmie, WA

Yes, fiber to that box on the street and then regular copper from there to your modem. If it truely is 40mbit then it's VDSL2 - you don't need to check. The reason they can do 40mbit (and more) is because the distance that is copper is so short.

I just bought the modem from CenturyLink (Q1000) but I use it in bridge mode with my own router. It works well. I also did a self-install since it's a pretty painless process.



Thanks for all the help. What has me concerned is the cooper from the fiber. If the cooper is in bad shape will they repair the cooper or replace it? My phone lines are over 30 years old. Is this something to be concerned about?

Thanks again dprus. I am also in Washington. Down south in DuPont area.


Columbia, MO

They will not replace the copper in your home. They did replace the wire from the telephone pole to the house. Knowing the copper in my home isn't good, I ran a dedicated line from my office to the NIC box outside (home run installation).



So I got an email back from centurylink. they said I qualify for 40/20 and it is VDSL2 Fiber optic lines. I am concerned about the phone line from the fiber to my house because our lines are underground and I cut the line once when doing yard work and quest fixed it with a splice. So they would fix that line if it was no good?

Being its vdsl2 do I have to be concerned with any of the bad reviews I read on here?

Is there anything I should ask centurylink to check or do when signing up for service?

Now I need to figure out how to interrupt there pricing plans. The promo deals throw me for a loop when reading all the fine print.

Thanks again for all the help


Ogden, UT

said by Learo :

Being its vdsl2 do I have to be concerned with any of the bad reviews I read on here?

For the most part, their VDSL2 network is maintained better then the ADSL network. So I would not be worried about it. I'm on a VDSL2 Dslam and don't have a problem with the service.

Boise, ID
reply to Learo

Hello Learo,
Unfortunately, what you will find in most forums is not people taking the time to elaborate on what great products and service they have received, generally all you hear about is mostly negative, people looking for answers to issues they did not get resolved with us or any other ISP/Telco. If your address qualified for 40M then it is a fiber to the node connection (in some areas, some instances it may be a fiber the premise, but that would be the exception not the rule) As for the fiber to the node connection that you most likely have, we can check the address for you and tell you what technology and equipment would be needed too. Just email me, Steve at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com, we can help!


reply to Learo

I've had the 40/20Mb service for about a year and have been very happy with it. I see speeds on the "speedtest" sites around 37/16Mb.

I'm using the Q1000Z modem/router with built in wireless. I've had to powercycle/resync exactly ZERO times in the last year. I've never had noticeable downtime.

It's just too bad my rates are about to jump... I just can't justify $70-80 per month for internet.



I can get 40/20 with phone for 79.95 with a five year price lock with no contract. Maybe you can get the same.


Sanger, TX
·Embarq Now Centu..
reply to CenturyLink

said by CenturyLink:

Hello Learo,
Unfortunately, what you will find in most forums is not people taking the time to elaborate on what great products and service they have received, generally all you hear about is mostly negative, people looking for answers to issues they did not get resolved with us or any other ISP/Telco.

*Sorry to thread jack but gotta get on that soap box.*

This guy can't be serious....

I once had good service back when it was Sprint (EarthLink) and even while it was Embarq and even at the very beginning of CTL service.

Here in lies the problem Steve. I've already done the dog and pony show with you folks for quite sometime. Heck, I've done the dog and pony show numerous times in the past 13 months i've been having issues and i'm just flat out tired and beyond frustrated of the problems and excuses and ETA dates of fixes.

You want positive remarks on the "great products and service"? FIX THE EXHAUSTION that happens every single night during the week and any time on weekends to a crap ton of your subscribers.

Lemme put it another way in much simpler terms:

During the day time hours, my speeds are fantastic. It's only after 4-5PM CST and anytime after 0800CST on Sat - Sun. I've documented this countless times over the past 13 months.

Tell the folks to put some serious $$$$$$ into upgrading the infrastructure instead of continuously robbing many of us.

I've had my bill credited every month for the past 6 and will keep getting those credits until I can DL @ 80% of 10Mb in those trouble times. I'm lucky if I get 15-18% of what I pay for.

*Off soap box*



Well I called comcast to see what they could do and the best they could do was knock 20 bucks of my existing billing and make me sign a 2 year contract. So after much research (way to much OCD here), I pulled the trigger. Got Centrury link 40 down 20 up and phone with unlimited long distance for 79.95 with a 5 year price lock and no contract. Bought the modem and went with the professional install. Got Direct TV with the whole home DVR services, 2 HD boxes, 1 DVR HD box and Choice Ultimate for 66.95 a month (includes boxes and tax). Century link is sending me a 150.00 visa gift card. Also signed up for the at ease service through century link but will probably cancel after the first few months.

Man it sure is nerve racking making a switch of all of my services. The thing that makes it nerve racking is the contracts that everyone requires now. Centurylink did tell me I have a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee which would include refund of the modem.

Keeping my fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.