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·Cox HSI


since u are a gamer maybe DSL might be ur answer. yeah it's slowly getting outdated and Mb speeds slower overall but if u lucky to have a DSL provider offering at least 6M down/1 Up if may be better. I know the pings for DSL typically lower and stable than Cable HSI depending on location, provider level, traffic etc...had Verizon DSL for several years both cities had it always got pings to say yahoo or google in the 15-20ms range ALWAYS! I used to achieve this with Cox HSI had it since Jan 2011 (Verizon DSL not available at my city location seems after the holidays even now yahoo ping hovers 30-40ms google the same sometime both spike above 60 even ESPN3.com video stream perfomed better with DSL than cable always got top streaming strength have to wait a while to acheive with cable. for the rec I use forced DNS using OpenDNS servers.