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San Jose, CA
reply to jjeffeory

Re: so?

said by jjeffeory:

Fios was one of the things we looked for...

most people on this forum, probably, but its unlikely my friends who main interest, hobby is toward finance, consulting, biology would care. Most would take FIOS into consideration, but doubt would weight all other decisions against it.

P.S. 2 years ago when i was in college in Chicago, I lunched internet/facebook group campaing "bring Google Fiber to Chicago" Most people I sent invitation to join group, did not care and never responded.

Also there are towns, like Los Angeles and DFW split between at&t (uverse) and verizon (fios). Those looking for TV, will be better appealed by u-verse, I dunno due to nice cisco dvr boxes and lot of features they offer. As long as pixelation, compression doesnt suck I guess. Those looking for super high speed will bundle with cable internet or move to the area with FIOS. And of course there are fantastic cities, Chicago with just u-verse only and New York City with FIOS only. U'll move to either based on job, cost of living, connections, etc before what ISPs server these areas.