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[VOD] Wave BB/formerly known as charter - VOD error 403 (2,197)

I've had progressively worsening issues with the VOD through Wave BroadBand - the cable company formerly known as charter communications in Northern California. Approximately 1 in 4 times i press the OnDemand button on the remote, the screen stays on the black screen with "on demand" in the center for about 90 seconds, with the regular tv show still playing audio, then i get "first time error 403 (x, xxx) where x = differing numbers. the number in ( ) is not always the same.

if i can get in to the ondemand screen and make a selection, about 1 in 4 times it will error out part way through the selection, not always at the same minute marker. this occurs with Free TV and The Bonus with high speed movie categories. I dont use the other categories, so i dont know if there are problems purchasing paid rentals or not.

tonight was my 5th call for the issue.

call 1: unplugged replugged box. they sent the signal to the box that looks like dUl. upon restart, i was able to get in to a show. they said call back if problems persist.

call 2: he sent some other signals. and said my account was not an offered account anymore, but i could opt for the current version of my account/package for $5 more per month. i agreed. did not unplug, replug. said call back.

call 3: issued a work order. no troubleshooting.

technician: replaced the box. tested signal at "the splitter", found it weak and did something in my closet. (im sorry, im not sure what) this was friday 2/17

call 4: last night, watching "Once Upon A Time" through free tv>abc>the recent episode. it errored out about 15 minutes in to it. 2/20 they sent a "soft signal" and set up a call back. the call back did not happen.

call 5: today, 2/21 ondemand>free tv>disney>little einsteins (i hate this show) about 5 minutes in to it and "first time error 403 (2,197). i called, she sent a soft signal and scheduled a tech to come out on saturday afternoon.

so needless to say im a little frustrated.
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Re: [VOD] Wave BB/formerly known as charter - VOD error 403 (2,1

If you can direct me to a thread for Wave, I would be grateful, I didnt see it listed among the other providers. In some places, it's still considered Charter.