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New York, NY
reply to NYC Girl

Re: The problem with that is

That happens so rarely I'd rather have incredible service most of the time and have to deal with an occasional annoying problem on Verizon's Internet than have shitty service all the time on cable but with people who will help you keep that shitty service running shitty on a consistent basis.


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Xizer, did you take a breath when you typed that???

NYC Girl is right: Verizon's Customer Service is piss poor. For a company that has product that runs 24/7, their billing support is 8:01am to 4:59pm. And good luck if you get someone that knows what they are doing (aside from the horrible "Katie Couric" robot..."I'm Sorry, did you say Customer Service?")

VZ's Tech support is fine, if you need it. But Billing ... I stopped writing the PUC with complaints.

As a young, plugged in person, I find it silly that VZ put FioS is some areas that I wouldn't want to live, or if there is an area I like, I can't afford the rent!