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Bon Aqua, TN
reply to Krisnatharok

Re: [Equipment] Current top Android phones?

ATM you can still be grandfathered when upgrading.. But that is going to change.. If you use their subsidized phone upgrade path you'll have to choose a new plan.. If multiple phones, you'll have to go with a family share plan thats coming out...

They are just completely sucking the fun outta technology... I hate non reality non working ceo's that think everyone's rich and can afford to pay $10 a gig...

These people need to be forced to dig ditches for a year

Simple Guy

reply to Krisnatharok
IMO based on real customer reviews and commercial reviews the best bet right now is the Razr or if you want to pay an extra $100 for longer battery life the Razr Maxx. It also is a good thing for the future that Google just bought Motorola.

No phone has the best of everything but overall the two phones above are the best way to go IMO.

The greatest "weakness" relatively speaking is as of May 31st the phones do not have ICS. They are scheduled to upgrade to ICS most likely in June.

Verizon's double data promotion ends June 5th.

However as of May 31 Verizon has $100 off the two phones so with a new two-year contract Razr is $99.99 and the Maxx is $199.99 so that sweetens the deal more--plus with ICS coming...well you get the picture. (Deduct another $30 per phone if you have the loyalty discount.)