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Corner Brook, NL

[Extreme] Latency increase in everything in the last week?

Haven't been able to find anything on this but over the last week or 2 I have noticed a huge increase in Latency. This happened in BF3 and SC2. My pings used to be around 60+ to specific servers, and now my ping to those servers has gone up to 110+ all the time. Also my ping to battle.net is allways over 250ms now, used to be lower then 100.

I don't have any torrents downloading or anything else installed on my PC besides a few games. Ive tried disabling the firewalls etc but nothing changes. I also have access to another Rogers connection, which also experienced the same thing.

I'm from Newfoundland and was wondering if there is anyone else out there that has experienced this?. Also noticed a few posts around the web where people have noticed a similar problem but only at peak hours. My issue though is 24/7 and pretty much makes it pointless to try and play anything online. Almost worth canceling my rogers account because its simply not worth the $$.