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reply to talz13

Re: Not using because ....

said by talz13:

And, when everything changes again (media formats, containers, new services, etc.), it's much easier to handle buying a new $100-$200 box to attach to your non-connected TV, than to buy a new $1000-$2000 TV.

Nope, the TV just needs a Firmware update to upgrade it to the latest standards and codecs. My Sony LED/LCD HDTV has had 2 major firmware updates in the last Year. The updates sped up operation plus Sony even added new features and services.
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I've had bad experiences with updates to consumer equipment. If a format isn't supported on day one, I'd rather wait or find something that does support it.

Also, are they going to continue to support your TV 4 or 5 years down the road? I'd still rather not replace a perfectly good 65" TV just because the extra services are no longer current.