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Warwick, RI

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reply to fl7614

Re: FIOS Install Disaster

said by fl7614:

the reason I want this fixed by Verizon and don't just do it myself...the room was built as the AV components were installed...the wires go through a wall and the way the components fit in a cabinet recessed into a wall make it *close* to impossible to get to....you have to use a mirror and a flashlight to see anything

Poor design. You always want slack on the wires so you can pull the component out without fishing. Now I know why you don't want to do it. Never mind that the VZ installer probably didn't have clear instructions on the custom setup.

I'm not slinging mud anywhere, just saying that you may get a FiOS installer who's top notch on A/V systems, and then you can also get a guy who's good at wiring an ONT and hooking up a STB, and that's the extent of his experience.

If it was my complicated setup, I'd work very hard to be there during install. Well, actually, I do that during *every* install at my house. Besides, I like talking to the techs. They're nice people.