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Warner Robins, GA

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reply to jchambers28

Re: Usage cap and throttling

Some people outright own their homes. No mortgage. They are not going to sell and have another mortgage just to get high speed land line internet service. They live in areas where there is no land line ISP offering high speed internet service. So they use satellite or cellular/mobile or WISP. I think that once Hughes Net upgrades their satellite service, Exede will have to be more competitive on the value of their offerings. And if the idiotic Light Squared satellite nonsense dies completely, another real satellite internet provider might be created to offer more competition. The main competition I see will be to increase monthly caps for the same cost. The new Exede speed is so far above dial up that I do not see a reason to compete on speed. It is about 200 times as fast as dial up, so the customers are wowed with that, they just need more GBs per month for the same money.


Grass Lake, MI
·Frontier Communi..

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Wildblue, once upon a time, was a pretty good service. Then the (*@&# oversold the beams, cut broadband limits across the board by 25% (no price decrease, of course), and screwed with the latency. This was on the old bird, too.

Give it time. Excede will be oversold, caps lowered and latency bolluxed to the point users won't be able to check their bank account online because of SSL timeouts.

Been there. Done that. NEVER, ever again.

I truly feel for those who can't get landline or 4G access. It's a frustrating, hair-tearing and teeth-gnashing experience, especially if you have teenagers.


Saxapahaw, NC
reply to davidhoffman
Actually I sold my house that I owned outright (where there was very limited broadband) and bought one where there was fiber to the home. So Yes, SOME people WILL sell and have another mortgage just to get reliable broadband.

Flt Rider
Appleton, WI
·exede by ViaSat
reply to ShellMMG
I totally agree that WB did get oversold in SOME areas, but not all. I also believe thier plan was flawed from the beginning as I was a pilot user for the service. I now have Exede and I can tell you that it is smokin fast, and I mean SMOKING fast. I am getting upwards of 20M down, and even if that gets oversold and goes to 5M, I am still better off than I was with 3G.....

It all depends on your perspective and what you had along with what is available. Right now, Exede is the best available, and it is a very good service.

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