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Conroe, TX

DNSOMastic gives wrong ip address recently

I have been using ddclient to update my host name using DNSOMatic for several months without issue. But since last week, DNSOMatic starts to give wrong ip address. It looks like that the ip address DNSOMatic given is the DNS server I am using in the main router with dd-wrt firmware instead of my actual external address. If I use opendns as the primary dns, then, the DNSOMatic gives the opendns ip, if I use my service provider's dns, then, DNSOMatic gives the provider's dns ip. Now, I have to disable ddclient and have to use the router's dyndns to update my ip address. I am wondering if anyone using DNSOMatic has the same problem. This might be related to Comcast recent upgrades about their "safe dns". If anyone use ddclient with DNSOMatic, please share the experience. Thanks.