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reply to bak2sat

Where is the LINK for ordering EXEDE thru DISH network?

DISHNETWORK has NOT officially announced they are bundling EXEDE with their service(unless I'm severely behind on my reading). Several people (including yourself), make reference of this, but where is this documented? and Where can I find this on the DISHNETWORK site? i called and they said it was not available at this time. too many conflicting stories on this...

said by bak2sat :

In their defense they clearly post the caps. The base cap is actually 10GB/month if you go through a bundle like Dish Network.


Fredericksburg, VA
May not be available in your area, but it is in others.

I also tried to find info on Dish's website, but it wasn't there. I called Dish last Friday about getting this bundled, and moving off a 3G MiFi for our home Internet connection. Installation was scheduled for Monday afternoon, though they arrived around 11:15 after calling ahead. A couple hours later I was surfing at much higher speeds.

15GB a month for basically what I was paying for 10GB before. A 240MB download of a PS3 game add-on, which would have taken a few hours on our 3G connection, took around 4 minutes. Latency is worse, but it's more than made up for with the overall speed.


reply to compuguybna

I ran into that also about not being able to serve my area yet. I just kept calling back every couple of days and they eventually opened up the spotbeam over my area. (South GA). I got three different estimates form three different people. I found it sketchy that they didnt post the Exede/Dish Network bundle also on their website.

Personally I think the advertisement of the bundle would start running in March when all the spot beams are opened. But im not sure. I was transfered three times before I got an exede person to schedule the installation. (it was only $99 but the first time I called it was $149?)

My install date is Monday!!(I thought it was last Saturday but I ran into some billing problems). I hope I can restrain my bandwidth habits enough to stay in under that cap.