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Glen Head, NY
reply to Tomek

Re: Defection thanks to ATT

said by Tomek:

Many users defected in fear of ATT merger, I wonder where did these subscribers go, I guess Sprint and MetroPCS, maybe few to verizon.

While I have not yet technically defected, as my T-Mobile account is still active, I was given an iPhone 4S on Sprint which I now use. My T-Mobile account has been set on forward-all-calls for two months and I have been too lazy to port that number out to my iPhone and shut the T-Mobile account. Considering the number of subs that Sprint gained with the iPhone, I am sure quite a few came from T-Mobile. Sad thing is T-Mobile has the better data network but the iPhone is not supported.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.


San Jose, CA
while are you still keeping it active? Are u waiting for T-Mobile to re-farm 3G and unlock your phone to transfer T-Mobile service to your iphone?

delusion ftl
reply to n2jtx
you should sell the iphone and buy a better device on tmobile.